Wedding/Anniversary plaque/cake topper

While the above picture shows only the anniversary plaques, our home page has a picture of the wedding plaques.

While this may be used as a plaque or a cake topper, some brides have set in on a light base, beside their guest book.

1. Wedding or Anniversary Cross   $14.00

2. Wedding or Anniversary Bells     $14.00

Light Bases

Use any one of these lovely light bases underneath your Heart Plaque.  The lights will shoot up into the carving and is especially beautiful in a dimmly lit room.

1. Square Battery Light Base -  (2" wide) - has  3 colored lights, is available in Black, Silver or Gold, uses 3 AA batteries, (not included)


2. Rectangular Battery Light Base - (3" wide) otherwize same as above


3.  Silver Round Small Electric (or battery option) light base (3"wide) - has 4 colored lights, (battery option lights the base but does not allow it to turn) (requires 3 AAA batteries, not included)


4. Silver Round Large Electric (or battery option) light base (5" wide) - has 7 colored lights, (battery option allows the base to light up but does not allow it to turn)  (requires 3 AAA batteries, not included)



5. An 8 sided "20% Lead Crystal" Electric light base (3.5" wide) - has 4 different colored lights, has 3 very well cut legs

This one is absolutely stunning underneath the Heart Plaque!


All light bases have LED lights, which ensure long life. 

We warranty all of the light bases for one year from the date of purchase. 

Wedding/Anniversay Upright Napkin Holder

3. Wedding or Anniversary Bells - upright napkin holder   $22.00

4. Wedding or Anniversary Cross - upright napkin holder   $22.00

Wedding/Anniversary Pen Set

Use this lovely "Personalized" pen set beside your quest book, whether it be a Wedding or an Anniversary party.


Wedding/Anniversary Photo Frames

5.  Wedding or Anniversary Bells photo frame   $30.00 

6. Wedding or Anniversary Cross photo frame   $30.00

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